2006 Cabernet Franc

Alcohol 13.5%

Cases 200

Varietal 100% Cab Franc [free run wine]

Bottled Aug 13th 2007

M.L 100% Malo-lactic fermentation

P.H 3.8

Cooperage 87% French oak

13% American oak

Res sugar 0.4% or 4g/L


100% Estate grown fruit picked 10-05 at an average of 23 brix and immediately placed in the refrigerated truck to cool down overnight.
The fruit was de-stemmed with 50% whole berries and transferred to open top fermentation tanks, where the chilling was turned on to prevent the onset of fermentation.
Tannins, Acid and Enzyme additions were made, no sulfur added.
After 48 hours we bled 25% of the juice and started warming up the tank. The must was inoculated with yeast NT 116 with a nutrient addition made 12 hours after that.
Fermentation took place over 7 days with peak fermentation at 88 degrees. The must was punched down every 2 hours in the first 2 days of ferment.
Once the fermentation was completed and dry [as measured by hydrometer], the free run juice was transferred to a closed top stainless steel tank for settling, with the pulp being transferred to press. The decision was taken to separate the free and press fractions and only the free run fraction was used to make this wine.
After 2 days of settling the free wine was transferred to barrel and inoculated with a M.L bacteria [MBR VP 41] to initiate secondary fermentation.
After 10 months maturation in mainly French Oak barrel the wine was given a light egg white fining and coarse filtered to remove any remaining solids.
The wine was bottled with a free sulfur of 55ppm


Color – Magenta
Nose – Leather and Mocha undertones with slight berry tones [bing cherry and strawberries]
Palate – Tannins are stiff but well integrated, typical cab franc flavors of cracked black pepper with clove and cinnamon spices.
Maturation – 5-8 years
This wine is more old world in style with earthy components [cedar and truffles] with understated fruit. Over time the tannins will soften and the fruit will come more to the forefront of the palate.