2006 Nektar

2006 Nektar

Alcohol 14%

Blend 100% Viognier

Bottled August 13, 2008

M.L.F Blocked

R.S 10% or 100grams per Liter

Cooperage 2nd fill French Oak

Maturation 22 months

Sulfur 45ppm at bottling

Cases 180
Viognier was picked at 23.5 brix during the second week of September and 5 tons transported to cold storage in Harrisonburg.
The frozen fruit was brought back in December and pressed to variable tank for settling. The juice yield was 30% of the normal juice yield per ton and the brix was measured at 40%
After 2 days of settling, the juice was transferred to 2nd year French oak [Damy and Cadus] and inoculated with yeast ST [Sauternes yeast]. Fermentation was over a 3 week period and was stopped by a sulfur addition once the residual sugar measure 10%.
The wine was aged sur lies with once a week stirring of the lees. Due to inventory of the 05, the decision was taken to mature the wine for a further year in barrel to develop complexity.
Prior to bottling, the wine was racked off the lees to variable tank and the sulfur level adjusted. No fining or filtration of the wine took place and was bottled as is.
Color – Golden Yellow.
Nose – Fruit forward with honeycomb, pineapple and apricot. On the back end, you pick up a hint of vanilla, butterscotch and almond.
Palate – Drier than last years, with a touch more alcohol. The palate is rich and viscous, with flavors of crème brule and honey, with a touch of spice.
Maturation potential – 20 to 30 years