2007 Cabernet Franc

Technical Notes for 2007 Cabernet Franc:

Alcohol 13.8%

P.H 3.72

R.S 0.2%

Free Sulfur 35ppm

M.L 100% Completed

Cooperage 100% American 22 months maturation

Cases 200

Blend 100% Cabernet Franc
Fruit was picked last week of September at an average of 24 brix and immediately transferred to refir truck for cooling.
After 24 hours the fruit was removed and crushed and de-stemmed into bins and transferred to open top fermentation tanks.
Sulfur was added at 20 ppm and the glycol chilling was turned on to prevent the onset of fermentation.
Tartaric acid was added to reduce the P.H.
V.R.Supra tannin powder was added at 400pm and Color X pectolytic enzyme added for color extraction.
French oak chips in bag were added to the must.
The must was cold soaked for 2 weeks prior to fermentation with daily wetting of the cap.
The must was allowed to warm up naturally and inoculated with yeast strain D254. As soon as we saw sugar depletion a D.A.P was made as a food source for the yeast. Fermentation was completed in 3 days with punching down of the cap taking place every 2 hours for tannin and color extraction. The free wine was immediately drawn off and the skins transferred to press. The press fraction was added to the free run wine with only the hard press wine being separated.
The wine was allowed to settle for 48 hours before being transferred to oak barrel. The wine was inoculated with MPR VP 41 to induce secondary fermentation and was completed in 2 weeks after which every barrel was topped off and a sulfur addition of 50ppm was made.
The wine was not filtered or fined prior to bottling and with time will produce sediment which is natural. The wine was bottled July 24th.
Color – Ruby red with Violet undertones.
Nose – Earthy tones, Indian spices with hints of Cassis. A more old world style of wine.
Palate – A big, tannic wine that warrants cellaring for 5-10 years. Espresso and Kenyan Coffee on the palate with a finish that goes on forever. Spicy undertones with hints of caramel and vanilla, pair with robust dishes or enjoy on its own.