2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon


Alcohol 14%

P.H 3.55

R.S 0.4%

M.L.F 100% Completed

Cases 250

Bottled August 13th 2008

Cooperage French and American Oak

Free Sulfur 35ppm at bottling

Blend 75% Cab 25% Merlot
The Cabernet was hand picked in the third week of October at an average of 24.5 brix. The fruit was placed into refir truck for chilling overnight.
The fruit was de-stemmed only, with no crushing taking place. The whole berries were transferred to open top fermenting tanks and the glycol chilling was turned on to prevent onset of fermentation.
A tannin addition of 300 ppm was added and Lafase HE Grand Cru enzyme was added 24 hours after that. No sulfur was added to the must as the fruit was perfectly clean.
Tartaric acid was added to reduce the P.H to below 3.6.
Prior to fermentation, Hungarian oak chips were added to the must. The must was allowed to warm up naturally and then inoculated with yeast NT 116. This yeast was chosen due to its ability to ferment to dryness as well as have an alcohol tolerance above 15%.
As soon as the sugar started dropping D.A.P was added to the must as a food source for the yeast. The cap was pumped over twice daily as there was too little juice and the cap could not be punched down by hand. Fermentation was completed in 4 days with peak temperature reaching 92 degrees.
Dry ice was added, and the must under went further maceration of 2 weeks for more tannin extraction. The wine was drawn off the skins and pumped to tank and the skins were transferred to press. We decided to add the press fraction to the free run fraction, after which the wine was barreled down and inoculated with M.L bacteria.
Secondary ferment was completed in one month and was tested using paper chromatography. Each barrel was topped off and 40ppm sulfur added.
Prior to bottling, we decided to blend 25% Merlot into the wine for complexity and mouth feel. The wine was bottled August 13th with no fining or filtration.
Color – black and inky
Nose – blackberries, cassis, pencil lead and cedar. Some smoky nuances from the oak
Palate – Extremely tannic. Black cherries with gobs of black berries and plums. This wine is intended for maturation and can easily be laid down for 10 years

2009 Virginia Governor’s Cup Winner & Gold Medal 2009 VA Governor’s Cup