2007 Consensus

2007 Consensus:

Alcohol:  13.8%

Blend:   40% Norton; 30% Malbec; 17% PV and 13% Touriga

Cases:  300

P.H.:  3.66

T.A.:   6,2

FSO2:     32ppm

Fermentation:      stainless steel

Cooperage:      neutral French and American oak

All the fruit trained to the traditional VSP system with an average yield of 2.2 tons per acre. Hand harvested at an average of 23 brix from Sept 20th through Oct 15th

All fruit chilled overnight. All varietals were de-stemmed without any crushing to ensure a more fruit forward style of wine.
20-30ppm sulfur was added at the de-stemmer. The whole berries were transferred to open fermentation tank. Acid additions were made to reduce the P.H to 3.6 and Tannin was added at 300ppm.
Enzyme HE Grand Cru was added 24 hours later to ensure facilitation of color extraction.
No cold soaking took place and the must was heated to 65 degreesafter which Yeast D254 was added. This yeast is a stable fermentor, ensuring minimal vegetative characters. The wine was punched down by hand every 2 hours for the first 2 days of fermentation to ensure maximum extraction of anthocyannins [color pigments].
Peak temperature at fermentation was 88 degrees and the wine was pumped over twice a day to ensure the wine fermented completely to dryness.
The free run wine was transferred immediately to barrel and the skins pressed off. M.L Fermentation was induced by adding bacteria [MBR VP 41] and was completed in 2 months as measured by paper chromatography after which the sulfur levels were raised to 35ppm free.
This blend was chosen by our wine club members and was put together in the first week of January. Prior to bottling the wine was coarse filtered to remove any natural sediment in the wine and was bottled 01-23 with a free sulfur level of 35ppm
Color – Brick Red with inky hues.
Nose – sandalwood, earthy tones, truffles, leather.
Palate – integrated tannins, vanilla, smoky tones, slightly acidic due to the Norton. Subtle flavors of blackberries and currants.
May be matured for 2-3 years. Modest cellaring will tone down the acid of the Norton.