2007 Norton

2007 Norton

Alcohol 13.8%

Cases 288

Matured 100% New American oak for 8 months

M.L.F 100%

R.S none, wine is dry

Blend 100% Norton
Norton was harvested the last week of October at an average sugar level of 26 brix. The fruit was de-stemmed and crushed to get as much juice as possible out of the fruit. A small sulfur addition was made with no addition of tannin or enzymes.
The fruit was cold soaked for a period of one week before being allowed to warm up naturally and begin spontaneous fermentation.
The first half of fermentation was conducted with native yeasts, after which Yeast F10 was added to the must to complete fermentation. The yeast was chosen due to it’s ability to degrade malic acid [which Norton naturally has a lot of] Fermentation was completed in 8 days after which the wine was drawn off and the skins transferred to the press. The press wine was added to the free run wine and inoculated with M.L bacteria.
The wine was transferred to New American Oak barrels and secondary fermentation was completed in barrel over 2 months. The wine was sulfured and matured on the gross lees with weekly stirring to prevent and reductive characters.
Prior to bottling the wine was egg white fines [2 eggs per barrel] and sterile filtered to prevent and precipitation of sediment and tartrates.
The wine was bottled May 5th with a free sulfur of 45ppm.
Color – purple and inky.
Nose – typical Norton notes of sour cherries and with violets. Slight bacon and smoky aspect, derived from the oak.
Palate – not as tart as last year, much fuller wine with more black fruit [Plums and Cherries]. The oak is more prevalent, with smoke and coffee undertones.
Aging – a young wine that could use modest cellaring of 1-2 years. The recommendation is to decant the wine 2 hours before consuming.