2007 Verdejo

2007 Verdejo

Cases Produced 292

Blend 93% Verdejo 7% Viognier

Residual Sugar 0.1%

P.H 3.85

M.L Fermentation Blocked

Cooperage 100% Stainless Steel

Date Picked:    September 14, 2007

The fruit was picked September 14th into lug boxes with an average brix of 23.2. The fruit was transferred to refrigerated truck for cooling overnight.
Whole clusters were transferred to the press and a Champagne programme was used to extract the juice. Dry ice was added to the juice tray as well the press to ensure that the juice did not oxidize and turn brown which is very common with Verdejo.
After pressing a slight sulfur addition was made, along with acid and enzymes to facilitate settling.
After 48 hours of settling the juice was racked off the solids, after which 2% of solids was back added to the clean juice.
Vin 13 yeast was used [a traditional Sauvignon Blanc yeast in South Africa] and fermentation took place at 48 degrees F over a 23 day period. Once the wine was fermented to dryness, the wine was racked off the gross lees and topped off with Viognier for added complexity.
The wine was “sur lies” aged with weekly stirring of the lees to ensure added palate weight and texture.
Prior to bottling the wine was fined with both Bentonite and Isinglass and cold stabilized for 2 weeks to ensure no tartrates would be precipitated during storage.
The wine was first run through a 2 micron filter to remove any yeast and solid particles after which it was sterile filtered into bottle.
Bottling took place February 8, 2008.
Color – Straw colored with tinges of gold.
Nose – Lemongrass, kiwi and citrus undertones. A bit of a mineral component comes through after a while.
Palate – Very crisp and clean with green apple flavors and freshly cut grass. Green fruits like melon and pear with a surprisingly long finish and creamy texture. Should mature over the next 2-3 years.