2008 Norton

2008 Norton:

Blend 80% Norton 18% Chambourcin 2% Cab Franc

Cooperage 100% new American Oak

Maturation 6 months

Alcohol 13.8%

P.H 3.55

FSO2 42ppm

Bottled May22nd 2009

Fermentation Open Top Stainless Steel Tanks
The Norton was picked November 4th and at average brix of 24.2.
The fruit was de-stemmed and crushed to get as much juice out of the grape as possible, as Norton typically yields 20-30% less juice than other varietals.
The must was transferred to open top tanks, where sulfur, tannin and enzyme additions were made.
Fermentation was initiated immediately without any cold soaking, and yeast 71B was used. The yeast is designed to reduce malic acids in must and is perfectly suited for Norton fermentation.
Fermentation was conducted at cooler temperatures, with peak temperature of 86 degrees.
The wine was pumped over twice daily as the cap could not be punched by hand, due to the lack of juice. Fermentation was completed in 7 days after which time the free wine was run directly into barrel and the skins transferred to tank.
Bacteria was added to each barrel to initiate secondary fermentation, which was completed in one month. All barrels topped off and sulfured.
Prior to bottling, the free and press fractions were racked together and 18% Chambourcin blended in for added complexity.
The wine was pre and sterile filtered with free sulfur of 42ppm.
The wine was bottled May22nd [300 cases made]
Color Dense and black, typical Norton color
Nose Spicy with hints of mint and eucalyptus
Palate The wine has a sweetish entry followed by flavors of raspberries, coffee and spice. The tannins are firm but supple, with good palate weight and structure.
This wine will be able to be laid down for 5-10 years.