2008 Petite Verdot

2008 Petite Verdot


Alcohol 13.5%

T.A 5.75g/L

Cases 92

Bottled April 22nd 2009

M.L.F 100% completed

Cooperage 50% New American Oak 50% second fill American Oak

R.S None [completely dry]
V.S.P [Vertical Shoot Position] trained vines planted on Manionasum Tatum soil at the back of the property. Vineyard is cropped at 2 tons an acre and was harvested on September 29, 2008.
The fruit was chilled overnight. Grapes were de-stemmed without any crushing ensuring whole berries are retained, making the wine more fruit forward.
The must was chilled while tannins and acid additions were made; no sulfur was added to the must.
After a cold soak period of 2 days, the must was warmed up and yeast was introduced when temperature reached 65 degrees. Yeast NT 116 was chosen.
Yeast nutrients were added to the wine [D.A.P and Super food] during lag phase, prior to the onset of fermentation.
Fermentation was completed in 14 days with a peak fermentation temperature of 92 degrees. The wine was punched down 12 times a day during the first 2 days to extract as much color as possible, thereafter twice daily.
Immediately after fermentation the free run wine was run directly to barrel and the skins transferred to the press. The press wine was kept separate, but was back added later in the year during the first racking.
M.B.R V.P 41 [M.L bacteria] was added to each barrel to commence secondary fermentation. Once finished [as determined by paper chromatography] each barrel was topped off and sulfured. The wine was stored on the gross lees with weekly stirring of the barrels.
Prior to bottling, the wine was racked out of barrel and filtered through a 2 micron plate and frame filter [coarse filter]. Sulfur was adjusted to 45ppm free and bottled in Hp65 bottles with Diam closures.
Color – Magenta in color with violet undertones
Nose – Very floral, cassis with hints of white pepper
Palate – Very supple tannins complimented by flavors of black cherry and ripe figs. Big, bold flavors with incredible length, this wine may be enjoyed young but will reach its prime in 3-5 years