2008 Verdejo

2008 Verdejo

Alcohol 13.5%

P.H 3.71

R.S 0.1%

Fermentation stainless steel

Cases 300

T.A 7.1g/L

Brix at harvest 22.8

Blend 95% Verdejo 5% Viognier

Verdejo is cropped at 1.6 tons per acre and is trained to the V.S.P [vertical shoot position]. The fruit was picked by hand and harvested on the 09-05

The fruit was picked into 30lbs lug boxes and transferred to cold storage. After 24 hours the fruit was transferred to the press and whole cluster pressed using a champagne programme which is very gentle. Everything was done using dry ice, ensuring the juice was not oxidized [anaerobic winemaking]. No sulfur was used and settling took place in tank naturally for 48 hours until a turbidity of 150 NTU.
The juice was racked off and inoculated with yeast.
The yeast chosen was VIN 7 hybridized yeast from South Africa] mainly used for Sauvignon Blanc production. It is very cold tolerant and will ferment dry at temperatures of 45 degrees. Fermentation took three weeks to finish and was conducted at a speed of one brix per day sugar depletion. After fermentation was competed the wine was stirred to ensure there was no viable yeast before sulfur was added.
Malo-lactic fermentation was inhibited by adding 50ppm SO2.  This is preserving the natural acid of the grape and is the distinctive green apple flavor in the wine.
During maturation in tank the wine was stored on the gross lees and was stirred once a week, which helps fatten that palate of the wine through years autolysis.
Prior to bottling the wine was coarse filtered to remove any heavy sediment and sterile filtered into bottle. Final Sulfur level was 38ppm at bottling.
Color – fairly clear with hints of straw.
Nose – key lime, citrus, green apple, kiwi fruit, grass, English peas.
Palate – razor sharp acidity, green apple, melon and pears.
Bottled 01-23-2009