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Keswick Vineyards
April 22, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

Let the Adventure Begin!

We’ve all heard of the phrases “I’m itching to travel” and the ever famous “I was bit by the love bug", but who knew the two could so easily be combined? On Saturday, April 22nd Ashleigh and Tony made it happen on their wedding day. They clearly had a theme, and that was to let the adventure begin! Their guests signed their globe of a guest book to start the day and with that, the two took their love for adventure and each other to the next level as they tied the knot together at Keswick Vineyards.

Though the weather wasn't the most favorable, there was a plan in place! When the dreaded "R" word becomes a reality our couples have choices. We've cleverly devised a series of perfect plans to make sure our couples are faced with the best possible options when it comes to inclement weather. Whether or not they chose to delay their ceremony, start off with cocktail hour, or hold their ceremony underneath of our beautiful Sperry tent the options are theirs to make. With the help of our radar reporting staff, Keswick Vineyards has you covered!

You can see that Ashleigh and Tony didn't let the rain effect their day. In fact, we found out later on that it rained on two of the bride's family members wedding days and they've continued on with a fruitful marriage!

Fortunately, the storms didn't stay for long, as they rarely do. The couple was able to capture some gorgeous photos outside once the skies cleared and they continued to happily party on well into the night! With a little flexibility and the right attitude, the "R" word isn't so bad after all.

Thank you to our vendors for holding on for the ride!


Event planner, Tricia Christine Events. Caterer, The Local. Photographer, 88 Love Stories. Photo Booth, Swell Booth. Desserts, Sweethaus. DJ, Mark Allen of Class Productions. Hair & Makeup, First Look Artistry. Rentals, MS Events. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Officiant, Robert Coleman & Kimberly Kelly of Dream a Little Dream. Florist, One Sweet Day in May.

Time Posted: Apr 22, 2017 at 6:38 PM
Keswick Vineyards
April 15, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

Poppin' Bottles

Over Easter weekend on Saturday, April 15th Amruta and Emmitte welcomed their guests to Keswick Vineyards with a taste of our sparkling wine. It was the perfect way to set the tone of the day!

If you tuned into our blog last week, you’ll remember that one of our favorite things about weddings here are the different cultures we’re able to experience through them. Like our couple last week, we were again able to celebrate another cultured wedding at Keswick Vineyards!

Amruta and Emmitte joined together with their families to bring them together in Christian and Hindu marital bliss. In traditional Christian weddings there are prayers the couple will share and bible readings their guests will bless them with to wish them a fruitful marriage. Similarly, in Hindu fashion there are a series of steps that both welcome in a new member of the family and send them off into marriage on the right foot.

The ceremonies are one part we love about fusion weddings, but that’s just where to fun starts! Throughout the day more rituals unraveled and their wedding day was pieced together in a way that beautifully represented both sides of the family. All details from her traditional “American” wedding dress paired with her absolutely stunning gold heels, to the bright pops of color in their flowers, down to the sari she changed into to dance the night away were well thought out and perfect for combining their two lives into one.

Thank you to all of our vendor friends who helped make this day so magical!

Day of Coordinator, Angelica Laws with Keswick Vineyards. Catering, Southern Inn Catering. Photography, Aaron Watson Photography. Florist, Hedge Fine Blooms. Hair & Makeup, Carolyn Thombs Makeup & Artistry. Desserts, Paradox Pastry. Transportation, Albemarle Limousine. Rentals, Festive Fare. DJ, Andy Wilfong. Officiant, Claire Goodman.

Time Posted: Apr 15, 2017 at 2:14 PM
Keswick Vineyards
April 11, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards


Wedding number two of our wedding season is complete and Sydney and Ryan are happily married! On Saturday, April 8th we were able to enjoy their wedding with them in a very festive way.

One of the many reasons why we love hosting weddings is to see different cultures coming to life. On Saturday we celebrated Greek style! After their wedding night, if we’ve learned anything about Sydney and Ryan it’s that they love to dance and they love their dogs! In fact, Keswick being so animal friendly immediately became a highlight for them having their wedding here with us. Their four-legged children were an important part of their ceremony and were as dapper (if not more) than the groomsmen! DJ Stroud helped keep the dance floor full and the couple and their guests made sure Ryan and Sydney’s wedding night was one to be remembered.

To give them fuel for the fun, they gave their guests a sugar high. In front of each guest’s seat at their dinner tables were boxes of candy. During cocktail hour, guests found their names and the candy associated with it in order to navigate their way to their tables. The treats came in handy later on in the night to keep the party alive! Along with the candy, we had donuts make their debut. The donut mountain that was created was tempting for both guests and staff alike. They were a huge crowd pleaser! 

To cool off from the dancing, the East Lawn was lit up with bistro lights to showcase their bar. It was a beautiful way to add a little extra sparkle to their day.

Congratulations to Sydney and Ryan! Enjoy the honeymoon!


Photography & Photo Booth, J. Ellis Photography. Videography, Silver Streak Media. Hair & Makeup, The Spot Beauty Shop. Catering, Hank’s Smokehouse. Desserts, Duck Donuts. DJ, DJ Stroud. Musician, Lauren Hair. Florist, DIY. Transportation, Easy Riders Busy Company. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Rentals, Virginia Linens. Officiant, Greg Corcoran.


Time Posted: Apr 11, 2017 at 1:17 PM
Keswick Vineyards
April 5, 2017 | Keswick Vineyards

Here We Go Again!

Our 2017 wedding season is officially here! Sarah and Joe’s wedding on April 1st was our first wedding of the season and no, this is not a joke! The couple started us off strong. Having been a joy to work with throughout the planning process, all of Keswick’s team knew we were in for a treat when it came to their wedding.

Music is a huge focus of this couple’s life. With Joe being a musician himself it was only fitting for them to make sure their guests were well entertained throughout the evening. During cocktail hour they recruited the help of Bent Mountain Trio, a bluegrass band, to do the trick. Guests loved being able to listen to live music while sipping on our wonderful reds and whites to one of Keswick Vineyard’s famous sunsets. In fact, Sarah and Joe were able to join in on the fun as well! They decided to do a First Look so that they were able to partake in the action themselves. By doing a first look, the majority of their formal photos were out of the way before their ceremony even started so that they had ample time afterwards to mingle with their guests and (in this case) enjoy the show!

Riding on the good vibrations from both their ceremony and cocktail hour, they were ready for reception. It was an easy transition into the remainder of the evening with C&O’s delicious dinner fueling them for the dance floor. As you can see, they danced the night away!

Thank you for such a great start to our 2017 wedding season. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us!

Event planner and caterer, C&O Catering. Photographer, Rachel May Photography. Florist, Tourterelle Floral Design. DJ, National DJ Connection. Musician, Justin Paschalides & Bent Mountain Trio. Desserts, Sweethaus. Transportation, A Goff Limousine. Rentals, MS Events. Officiant, Daniel Lonergan. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company.

Time Posted: Apr 5, 2017 at 6:21 AM
Keswick Vineyards
November 12, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

That's a Wrap!

Coming to the end of wedding season for the year is always bittersweet. We look back on all of the amazing weddings we’ve hosted during our 2016 season and can’t believe that we’re already done! Throughout the year we have so many wonderful couples, all of which have chosen for us to be their wedding venue. Throughout their planning process we naturally all become close—extended family if you will—and their families and our Keswick Vineyards family slowly blend into one. It’s an incredible feeling and we love sharing those moments with each and every one of them! At the same time, we look at the calendar and see the amazing weddings we have coming up for our 2017 season and the smiles come back on our faces. We’re never REALLY done…just done for now.

We were fortunate to end our 2016 season with Kathryn and Brian on November 12th. They were the perfect end to a beautiful year of weddings. Them and their guests helped us end on the right note!

Their wedding encompassed all of the things we love about Keswick Vineyards and weddings. For starters, they won us over by taking advantage of our very dog friendly property by bringing their pug, Handsome, to join in on the fun for photos. Handsome was such an appropriate name for him. Take a look at how dapper he was in his tuxedo! He was ready for action from the start of the day and certainly did not let his mom and dad down!

We love weddings where the energy of the day continues well into the night. With this group, it did! The tone is always first set with the couple. The couple then brings along their friends to stand by their side as a part of their wedding party. The wedding party then takes it from there and shows the rest of the guests just how it’s done!

This wedding party was so lively, such jokesters, and (most importantly) so respectful. They knew they were in for a great time just by being a part of Kathryn and Brian’s wedding, and they road along the waves of those good times throughout the night! With Keswick Vineyards being a private residence, we really appreciated how this couple and their guests treated the property as if it was their own home. They won major brownie points from us there!

Kathryn and Brian, thank you for the perfect end to a perfect season!

2016…that’s a wrap!


Wedding planner, Amore Events by Cody. Catering, The Local. Photographer, Becca B. Photography. Florist, Verde Natural Florals. Desserts, Pearl's Bake Shoppe. Rentals, MS Events. DJ, King Studios DJ Services. Musicians, Gene and Gayla Mills and Bride’s Uncle John. Transportation, Blue Ridge Tours. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Officiant, Pastor Gabe Turner.  


Time Posted: Nov 12, 2016 at 8:50 PM
Keswick Vineyards
November 5, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

Mozel Tov!

When you merge two lives you also merge two families. The merging of two families often times also means you're bringing two different backgrounds and sometimes even cultures together. The same holds true with religion, as we found out from Caroline and Nolan’s wedding day on November 5th!

The couple had two different religious backgrounds, which is common. Not everyone you meet and certainly not everyone you date is going to have the same religious views as you. What's important is how you decide to blend those together so that both views are both equally highlighted and respected. This couple did just that.

Caroline, being Lutheran, and Nolan being Jewish decided it was only appropriate to incorporate elements of both religions into their ceremony. Both Lutheran and Jewish wedding ceremonies have traditions that bind the couples together for life. Both take these traditions very seriously and are seen as the only proper way to enter into a successful marriage.

For the first time in my weddings career, I saw a dual ceremony! This couple had both a Minister and a Rabi for their ceremony. The two were standing side by side as they led the marriage ceremony of Caroline and Nolan in both the Lutheran and Jewish fashion! This is a great option for couples wondering how to satisfy both sides of their families.

The dual ceremony was complete and the couple and their guests were ready for a great night ahead! With cocktail hour well underway guests continued to enjoy delicious food from C&O while the couple snuck away for some famously fall photos. Like our featured couple from last week, they too lucked out with the peak of our fall colors! You'll see the smiles on their faces as Cindy and their photographers captured them in the beautiful light of the "golden hour".

Towards the end of the night, Scraps the cat made an appearance! She landed herself in the perfect position to grab the attention of one of their guests. She wasn't able to keep his attention for long though. Once he heard the party suddenly get livelier underneath of the Sperry tent he had to go and see what was going on.

What was all the commotion you ask? The hora! Another Jewish tradition. Guests lifted Caroline and Nolan in their chairs as they continued to celebrate the beginning of their marriage. Keswick employees may not lift chairs, but we will certainly lift our glasses and cheers our newlyweds!  


Catering, C&O Catering. Event planner, Events with Panache. Photographer, Jen Fariello Photography. Rentals, MS Events. Florist, Verde Natural Florals. Hair, Top Knot Studio. Makeup, Rouge 9. Desserts, HotCakes. DJ, Derek Tobler. Officiants, Rabi Annie Bornstein and Pastor Joseph Bolick. Transportation, Ambassador Limousine and UTS Charter Service. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company

Time Posted: Nov 5, 2016 at 10:44 PM
Keswick Vineyards
October 29, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

Oh, The Places We Will Go

As our season began to come to a close we were treated by Mother Nature with those beautifully iconic “fall” colors. The leaves changed a bit later this year and last but, nonetheless, were certainly well worth the wait! Meagan & Jason lucked out with these lovely leaves as they were married here on Saturday, October 29th.

Like the leaves and as is true with all good things, they are worth the wait. Meagan and Jason’s relationship has already endured over a decade of time together and they are bound to continue forth with many, many more! This couple loved traveling. We were able to see just how much their love for traveling extended when we saw how they incorporated it as a part of their wedding.

To show guests to their seats, they had a map of the world which highlighted all of the places they have been together. Little airplanes stamped the globe and helped put into perspective exactly how many areas they’ve conquered together (and also how many more they have left to go!) It was a fun and interactive way for guests to not only find their seats but also to get another little glimpse into the lives of Meagan and Jason.

The map may have helped guests find their seats, but they didn’t need any assistance with finding the dance floor after dinner! With the help of Derek Tobler, they kept the floor full and they partied well into the night.

So, what’s the next stop for our globe trotters? Well their honeymoon, of course. Safe travels and congratulations to Meagan and Jason!


Wedding planner, Two Byrds Events and Design. Catering, The Local. Photographer, Connection Photography. Rentals, MS Events. Hair & Makeup, The Spot Beauty Shop. Florist, Whimsical Floral. DJ, Derek Tobler. Musician, Mike D’Antoni. Dessert, Sweethaus. Transportation, A&A Limousine. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Officiant, Rev. Rick Hudock


Time Posted: Oct 29, 2016 at 1:19 AM
Keswick Vineyards
October 23, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

Happy-ly ever After

When Nathan and Callie came to visit Keswick Vineyards for the first time there was nothing but pure joy sweeping across their faces. They had big beaming smiles and hearts in their eyes all through their initial tour. It became apparent, very quickly, that they were walking the grounds of their dream wedding venue.

Callie and Nathan’s happiness was contagious. In fact, little did we know, the groom’s nickname was actually Happy! After finding that out it just all made sense and on Sunday, October 23rd Callie and Happy were married.

Their wedding gave off an upscale and elegant vibe all the while being relaxed and cozy. The bridesmaids dresses were in a beautiful rich shade of red which really popped with the greenery around the vineyard. When you go with the color red for a dress you’re making a statement. The girls did just that as they walked down the ceremony aisle. They were the perfect “opening act” for beautiful Callie as she made her debut down (what very well could have been) her red carpet! Happy’s face when she hit the top of the aisle was precious. It’s sure to be a moment the two of them will cherish for the rest of their lives.

After a sentimental and wonderful ceremony, guests headed to cocktail hour while the couple snuck away for photos. Surrounding our big oak tree were cozy pockets of lounge furniture for guests to enjoy as they sipped their wine and cocktails and grabbed bites to eat from Goodrich Gourmet. Having lounge furniture during cocktail hour and reception is a great way to create more comfortable chatting environments for guests. They feel as if they’re right at home and are really able to relax. Having incredible 360 views is just an added bonus! 

Mingling and chatting are naturally a part of every wedding. Families and friends come from all corners of the world in order to celebrate the love. It’s always great to reconnect with people in your lives…but talking can only get you so far. Eventually, you’re going to have to let loose and hit the dance floor! The “Love Train” is what brought this group together! They had a massive conga line going which was definitely one of the highlights of the evening!

To our forever smiling and full of life newlyweds, we wish you nothing but a very Happy-ly….ever after!


Wedding planner, Real Southern Accents. Caterer, Goodrich Gourmet Catering. Photography, Mike Topham Photography. Florist, Floral Images. DJ, Andy Wilfong. Desserts, Albemarle Baking Company. Hair & Makeup, Transformations Artistry. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company. Officiant, John Jacobs. Rentals, Real Southern Accents and Classic Party Rentals


Time Posted: Oct 23, 2016 at 6:58 PM
Keswick Vineyards
October 22, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

The Perfect Pick

'Tis the season for all things festively fall! Emily and Bryan were married on Saturday, October 22nd on a perfect fall day. Fall in Virginia is such a classically beautiful time of year. The air gets to be comfortably colder, the leaves begin to change colors, and weddings for us continue to be well underway!

Emily and Bryan were the perfect pick for one another. They’ve been together for over seven years and we loved celebrating their love and enjoyed how they highlighted fall in their décor. Pumpkins became a theme here, the perfect pick for their October wedding!

Welcoming guests as they arrived at Keswick Vineyards, the couple had hand-painted white pumpkins to dress up their guestbook and gift table. More were placed in other focal areas of their cocktail hour and reception as well so that guests could continue to relish in the great fall feelings. Mini pumpkins garnished the beautiful cheese display by Roadside Chive Catering and towards the end of the night guests picked up their spiced popcorn favors in the gazebo and were “thanked” via pumpkins!

Their 4:30 PM ceremony allowed for them plenty of time to enjoy a wonderful night full of dinner and dancing. This was a big dancing crowd. One of the first comments I remember this couple making is “we’re going to need a bigger dance floor”. So what did they do? Expanded it! The made our ample dance floor even bigger so that they all had plenty of room to shake their tail feathers. After dinner, the dance floor was full all night with the help of DJ Greg Tutwiler and guests worked up an appetite. Time for dessert.

Like every good wedding should, they wanted to make sure their guests had their choice of treats! Cupcakes and cookies surrounded their wedding cake and were beautifully displayed. They had cupcakes flavored in everything from apple pie to Reese’s. The options were endless! Guests hit the dessert bar and some even headed straight back to the dance floor….cupcakes in hand.

Congratulations to Emily and Bryan. We hope you all continue to enjoy the sweet life! 


Day of coordinator, Ashley Kovach. Caterer, Roadside Chive Catering. Rentals, Beggars Banquet Rentals & Real Southern Accents. Photography, Once Like a Spark. Videographer, Delta Studio Productions. Musician, Virginia Schweninger. DJ, Greg Tutwiler. Desserts, Passionflower Cakes. Florist, Petal Flower Company. Hair and Makeup, Three Bowls of Color. Officiant, JT. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company.


Time Posted: Oct 22, 2016 at 12:59 PM
Keswick Vineyards
October 21, 2016 | Keswick Vineyards

It Was Right From the Start!

It all started with a great couple. The great couple had a keen eye for architect with the bride being an Interior Designer and were swept away with Keswick Vineyard’s impressively designed aesthetics. From there, they hired a great wedding planner and entrusted their faith in both their beloved venue and their seasoned wedding planner. With that combination, they were off to a great start!

Jennifer and Brian set their date for Friday, October 21st. They traveled all the way from Boston to celebrate with their friends and family and upon first setting foot on the grounds everyone mutually agreed that the trip was well worth it. As if the scenery wasn’t already enough, Jennifer and Brian decided to add to the naturally beautiful surroundings with their florals and décor.

Their ceremony chairs were dressed with glass jars filled with Dusty Miller and succulents, their cake was topped with pale pink roses, and clusters of lush greenery were suspended over the dance floor. It was all picture perfect!

During cocktail hour they had a special treat. UVA’s own Virginia Gentlemen (a well-known a cappella group) performed a series of songs for guests. Personally being an incredibly huge fan of all things musicals and a cappella this was an absolute joy to watch! It was apparent that the guests felt the same. They circled around them all while they were singing and were in awe of their voices and how unique it was to have them perform at the wedding.

Once the Virginia Gentlemen finished their last song it was time to head to reception. The layout of the tent was one thing we really enjoyed and hope to see more of. Traditionally, head tables are in the center of the room at the top of the dance floor. With the help of their wedding planner, Adam, Jennifer and Brian decided to mix things up a bit and add a new twist. The couple sat front and center at their own sweetheart table while the head table was seated at a long stretch of farm tables down the center of the tent. How clever! It was great to have them as more of a central focus without hiding the bride and groom in the mix.

A big congratulations to our newlyweds who are by now well off and enjoying their honeymoon!


Wedding planner, Donovan-Groves Events. Catering, Harvest Moon Catering. Photographer, Aaron Watson Photography. Rentals, MS Events. Florist, Southern Blooms. Hair & Makeup, Carolyn Thombs Makeup Artistry & Consulting. Desserts, Cakes by Rachel. Officiant, Claire Frances. DJ, JG Entertainment. Musicians, The Virginia Gentlemen. Transportation, Quicks and Camryn Limousine. Lighting, Skyline Tent Company.


Time Posted: Oct 21, 2016 at 10:50 AM