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2019 LVA Viognier

2019 LVA Viognier
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Wine: 2019 Les Vent d Anges’ Viognier
Blend: 88% Viognier 12% Vidal Blanc
Alcohol: 13%
R.S.: 4.5g/L or 0.45%
T.A.: 6.8g/L
P.H.: 3.88
Free Sulfur: 28.8ppm
Cooperage: No Oak, 100% Tank Fermented and Matured
Maturation: 7 Months on the fine lees
Bottled: May 29th, 2020

Production Notes
The fruit for this wine comes from our side block Viognier, planted in 2000 and was machine picked September 5th at a sugar level of 22 Brix. The fruit was immediately transferred to press, with pressing being done gently and only the Free, light and medium press juices used. The heavy press juice was discarded.

The juice received a slight Sulfur addition before being run into tank for natural cold settling. After 48 hours the now cleaner juice was racked off the solids to tank, and inoculated with Yeast Vin 13. Fermentation temperature was roughly 62 degrees [warmer than normal] and primary fermentation completed in 14 days as measure by hydrometer.

The juice was cooled and sulfured 7 days later to prevent the onset of secondary fermentation. This was done to conserve the acidity of the wine, especially considering Viognier is such a low acid producing grape.
The wine was racked off the gross less and aged on fine lees for 7 months with little stirring, again this was done to preserve the freshness of the wine versus creating a wine that was creamy and textural.

Prior to bottling, the wine was both cold and protein stabilized, before being sterile filtered. Some citric acid and sulfur was added, before being bottled May 29th.

284 cases produced

Wine Description
The Viognier has a pale straw color, shows no signs of gas or flocculation and is 100% clear. The aroma’s are typical of the varietal, displaying an abundance of yellow fruits, tropical tones with floral nuances. This wine is the driest of all the LVA Viognier wines we have produced and is regarded as dry. We decided to lower the R.S due to the ripeness and of the grapes at harvest time and felt we needed to create a wine with a touch more perceptible acidity.

The wine shows that acidity and has incredible minerality, balancing the flavors of pineapple, mango and peach. The palate is quite weighty but the acidity manages to keep this wine lively and focused without sacrificing varietal character. A beautifully drinkable wine, that may also be laid down for 2-3 years for additional complexity.

Pair with spicy Asian dishes, diver scallops and pork dishes.

L.V.A. Label
Les Vents d'Anges (L.V.A.), "the wind of angels" is a tribute to Genevieve de Beaubien, M.D., the beloved sister of Al Schornberg, owner of Keswick Vineyards. Pronounced the same as vendanges or "harvest", the label is a French play on words named by the matriarch of the Schornberg family, André. The wines bottled under this label are typically young wines made to be enjoyed in the moment and are very fruit forward and light in body. 

Wine Specs
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