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Sparkling 2 pack

Sparkling 2 pack
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Amélie Label

The Amélie label is a tribute to the illustrious Amélie Rives who lived in the late 19th century and owned all of the land that is now Keswick Vineyards. The label depicts an edited self portrait Amélie drew using parchment and charcoal that is now kept in special collections of Alderman Library in Charlottesville, VA.


2018 Amélie Viognier:

This wine begins with aromas of dried pineapple and lychee before secondary aromas of almond, marzipan and white floral notes come into play. The palate is light and bright with medium acidity which balances out the weight of the mouthfeel. There is an almost imperceptible touch of sweetness intertwined with baking spice that really makes this a fun and whimsical wine. 


Amélie Rosè:

100% Estate Grown Norton. Dry with an abundance of fruit notes, the nose on this wine expresses a fresh bouquet of raspberry with a hint of baked bread. The palate is crisp and clean with an aggressive effervescence and acidity with a sour cherry tartness. Rounded out with a long, lengthy finish.