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Trevillian White Bundle

Trevillian White Bundle
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2017 Trevillian White

The wine has a beautiful golden yellow color to it and is free of any haze or sediment. The nose is intensely aromatic with primary notes of yellow fruits [dried apricots and pineapples], floral tones and just a touch of baking spices. After some aeration you get a touch of citrus, crushed rocks and flint.

The palate is rich and unctuous, but it possesses a vibrant acidity that ensure the wine is not flabby or dull. Some yeast tones from the sur lies ageing and barrel stirring [baked bread, wet dough] but there is a beautiful core of fruit and spice with enough body and tannin resulting in a wine that is quite lengthy.


2019 Trevillian White

The wine is a touch lighter than previous versions, displaying a straw color. There is no signs of gas or flocculation and it is 100% clear.

On the nose, you get tropical fruits [particularly banana, papaya and some coconut] with floral aromas on display as the wine warms up.

Due to the higher portion of Vidal blanc in the blend, the acidity of the wine really comes through, helping to balance the rich juicy flavors and texture derived from the Viognier. The flavors are typically tropical in nature but there is a touch of spiciness on the back palate, the finish long and lengthy.

A touch of pithiness on the finish with hints of lemon zest and citrus rind.