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Viognier Vertical Bundle

Viognier Vertical Bundle
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2017 Signature Series Viognier:

The wine has a beautifully golden color and is free of any sediment while being 100% clear. The nose is a touch shy and needs aeration and warmth to reveal the full spectrum of yellow fruits with just a touch of vanilla.The palate is quite rich and creamy, with some sweet fruits such as dried pineapple and mango on the forefront. There is enough acidity to keep this wine balanced but there is good weight, complexity and length. A wine that generally drinks better after a year or two in the bottle but will provide immediate enjoyment.


2018 Les Vents d'Anges Viognier: 

Despite a challenging growing season, this wine is intensely aromatic displaying floral notes as well as amplified notes of cantaloupe, peach, pineapple. The palate is quite light with good acidity balancing out the slightly viscous mouthfeel. Primary flavors are again dominated by yellow fruits bet secondary flavors include honey and baking spices. The finish is quite long and the touch of sweetness ensures the wine is quite balanced. Not intended for long term ageing, this wine will be immediately enjoyable but can spend 2-3 years in the bottle of needed.


2019 Viognier:

This wine is 100% clear, fairly light in color with little to no flocculation. The nose is quite floral and tropical with aromas of peach, pineapple, honeysuckle and mango with subtle hints of baking spices. The palate is lighter and brighter than previous versions, due to the elevated acidity in the wine. The flavors are more on the yellow spectrum while the palate shows great length and concentration. There is some nice weight and balance to the wine and the acidity prevents the wine from becoming too cloying or viscous. May be laid down for a few years but I think this will drink beautifully from 6 months after bottling.